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About Us.

You might be used to working in a clinical setting, but that isn't the only option. The implementation of modern technology is often lacking in the typical GP clinic. TelehealthDoctor helps you reach more patients by making the work you do daily the most effective you can be. The lives of your patients are more comfortable because of our modern approach to providing medical services. When most patients can be helped in a relaxed setting where both you and your patient are at ease and able to take care of the issues at hand, why shouldn't you and your patients feel trapped in a stuffy clinical environment? TelehealthDoc will allow you to do what you love in a better way.tor.

Our Location.

At Melbourne Doctors Online, we are proud to be Australian owned and operated. Our team works hard to provide the best online doctor services in Melbourne and beyond. You can easily get in touch with us via the contact page, or book a telehealth appointment with a few clicks of your mouse. Our reach extends far and wide, giving patients access to quality healthcare no matter their location.

Join TelehealthDoctor.

We are passionate about helping GPs to expand their reach and provide new experiences to their patients. As a GP, joining TelehealthDoctor will help you to deliver more flexible and accessible health care services, reach more patients and increase your ability to make a difference in people’s lives. We know that you are driven to provide the best care for your patients and we are committed to providing you the tools and resources to do just that. Join us and be part of the revolution that is transforming general practice in Australia.

Are you a good fit for TelehealthDoctor?.

-Be qualified to Australian standards and a registered general practitioner
-Are comfortable working with technology
-Have a strong ability to communicate with patients
-Looking for something a little different and fresh
-Want more flexibility in your scheduling abilities
-Are proactive and enthusiastic about medical care
-Are well organised and have excellent time management skills

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We are currently looking for:
- UX / UI Designers
- Brand Managers
- Operations Manager
- GPs & Specialists

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