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Get quick relief from reflux with over-the-counter antacids or lifestyle changes like avoiding trigger foods, eating smaller meals, and elevating your head while sleeping.

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Our experienced doctors can evaluate your symptoms, provide a personalized treatment plan, and prescribe medications if necessary, all from the convenience of your home.

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Sorry, we do not offer sample medications for reflux treatment. However, our doctors can work with you to find affordable options for the medications they prescribe.

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If our doctors determine that prescription medication is the best option for your reflux, we can send the prescription to your local pharmacy for pickup or delivery, so you can start feeling better as soon as possible.


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In-person urgent care


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Our team of experienced Aussie doctors have extensive knowledge and skills to provide personalised reflux treatment plans that cater to your unique needs. With years of experience under their belt, you can trust our doctors to guide you through your treatment journey with utmost care and professionalism.

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Got questions about your reflux treatment? Don't worry, our team is here to answer any question you may have. From symptoms to medications and lifestyle changes, we are dedicated to providing you with every answer you need to take control of your reflux treatment and improve your quality of life.

Frequently asked questions

The process of stomach acid leaking up from the stomach into the oesophagus is known as gastro-oesophageal reflux or reflux (food pipe). Reflux is a common condition that affects 15-20% of adults at least once a week. If you experience reflux symptoms more than twice a week or have severe episodes, you are considered to have gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD).

Reflux is commonly associated with your diet. Weight, pregnancy, connective tissue disorders, stress, smoking, certain body movements such as laying down after a meal, bending over, and even some medications can all contribute to this condition. Reflux/GORD is caused primarily by a problem with or a relaxed lower oesophageal sphincter (LOS). This is a muscle located near the bottom of the oesophagus (food pipe) that helps to keep stomach contents from rising back up the oesophagus. The LOS may become weakened, causing it to fail to close properly, resulting in symptoms such as heartburn.

Antacids and proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) are two common medications used to treat reflux/GORD. Antacids, which come in liquid, chewable, or tablet form, are used to neutralise the stomach acid that causes reflux symptoms. PPIs, or proton pump inhibitors, are also commonly used to treat symptoms of reflux and other related conditions. Proton pump inhibitors reduce the amount of acid produced by the cells that line the stomach.

 Individualized Care from Our Online Reflux Specialists in Australia. Your safety is our top priority, and if our doctor determines that an in-person evaluation or alternative treatment is needed, we will provide you with personalized recommendations. Trust us for the highest standard of care with Online Reflux Treatment in Australia.”

Within 24 hours, a doctor will review your assessment and respond. In most cases, it will be much sooner.

We oppose annual subscriptions and membership fees. You only ever pay for your doctor’s visit (if necessary) and your medication.

We don’t believe in annual subscriptions or membership fees. You only ever pay for your doctor’s consultation (if necessary) and your medication.

Once you’ve paid for your treatment, we’ll ship it with free express delivery to anywhere in Australia, which means your package should arrive within 1-3 days. Your product will be shipped in an Australia Post package, ensuring complete discretion.

Yes, as part of your Telehealth membership, we will handle your repeat deliveries so that you never miss one. If you ever want to discontinue your treatment, simply cancel in the patient platform.

Without a doubt! You can manage your treatment by logging into your profile and going to the ‘Products’ tab. When you click this, you’ll be able to send a message to your doctor.

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