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Our booking lines are open from 6pm weekdays, 12pm Saturdays, all day Sunday and public holidays.

Patients of TelehealthDoctor May Be Eligible for a Bulk Billed Telehealth Consultation:

Bulk billing is an essential part of the healthcare system in Australia. It allows for far more access to doctors, especially to those that may not otherwise have the means to visit their general practitioner as often as they should. If whether or not your consultation would be covered by Medicare bulk billing contact us, and we will be able to provide more information.

TelehealthDoctors Provide a Range of Services:

A high percentage of routine appointments with a doctor doesn’t require any physical contact, and for these, seeing a doctor online can be an excellent choice. Whether you require a prescription, specialist referrals, or even need a medical certificate for work, we can help. If you would normally speak with your local GP about an issue, then you can talk with your doctor from TelehealthDoctor about it as well.

How Do I Book My First Telehealth Appointment?

You can book a consultation with a doctor quickly by filling out your contact details in the simple form provided below, and we’ll call you back to arrange a suitable appointment time for you. You can also call us directly on +61410272528 and speak with our fantastic staff who can book a time for you immediately. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask, we are more than happy to assist you and ensure that you have a good experience and have your medical needs addressed without delays or extensive waiting periods. 

Chat with real Australian based doctors one on one from your own home.

Chat with real Australian based doctors one on one from your own home.

TelehealthDoctors is working to overcome the barriers of distance and isolation for people in rural and remote areas. All TelehealthDoctors are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) as required by the Medical Board of Australia. Our doctors are trained in telehealth, ensuring you can feel confident you’re receiving the best care.

Specialist Doctors Are Available Right Now.

Patients can trust that TelehealthDoctors offers secure, online access to registered Australian doctors who are experienced, compassionate and take the time to listen.

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